A bracing frame / strut frame or anchoring is employed when a sheet-piling construction cannot be designed in a manner that would enable it to absorb all of the force released from water and/or soil during excavation. It should be mentioned in that regard that anchoring is often permanent, while bracing frames are almost always temporary. Bracing frames are usually horizontal constructions consisting of girders/purlins and struts.

Sterk has designed, manufactured and installed many special strut frame constructions in the past. To that end, we have produced as many of these constructions as possible in prefabricated format at Sterk Metaal’s large welding shop. This is where professional members of staff manufacture constructions up to some 40 metres in length and up to a weight of some 25 tonnes. Given that our business is situated alongside water, we are able to transport these bulky constructions by ship if necessary.