Construction sites can often pose access difficulties. This may make it necessary to produce auxiliary structures for the purpose of, for example, transporting material away or installing cranes. Our extensive experience in the fields of both construction work and the installation of tubular piles and sheet piling makes Sterk the perfect partner for that job.

During its history, Sterk has computed, designed and built (in prefabricated parts) many auxiliary structures. When extending the Stedelijk Museum, for example, we produced an auxiliary structure that had been designed such that not only it functioned as a bracing, but it could also be used for logistical purposes. Moreover, excavation of the construction pit and pouring of the underwater concrete could be performed from this auxiliary structure, which made the job considerably easier. As a result, it became an essential component of the scheduled operations.

We prefabricate as much of the structures as possible at the Sterk Metaal welding plant, where our expert welders manufacture structures that can be up to 40 metres in length and weigh up to 25 tonnes. Given that our business is situated alongside water, we are able to transport these bulky structures by ship if necessary.