By developing and applying sustainable technologies we want to do our part when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility.

The CO2 Performance Ladder
The CO2 Performance Ladder is a tool that helps companies reduce their CO2 output. Companies are stimulated to reduce their CO2 output by having a higher scores on the ladder be rewarded with a real advantage in the tendering procedure in the form of a discount on the registration fee. Company processes and projects (throughout the chain) have much to gain in terms of energy savings, the efficient use of materials and sustainable energy. The ladder seeks to (1) stimulate companies to know their own CO2 emissions and that of their suppliers and (2) continuously search for new options to reduce the emissions as a result of company processes and projects. The ladder subsequently stimulates companies to (3) perform those measures and (4) share that newfound knowledge in a transparent manner, and (5), together with co-workers, knowledge institutes, social organizations and governments, actively search for ways to collectively reduce the CO2 output even further. (Source:

Our policy is aimed at executing our day-to-day activities in the most environmentally friendly, effective, efficient and economical way possible. We utilize the guiding principle that at every given time we can meet the agreed upon demands and expectations of our client.

Chain Initiatives
Sterk has ordered the built of two cranes that will replace two older cranes. When designing these machines a heavy emphasis was put on utilizing smart technology systems in order to meet the latest emission demands. Consciously dealing with CO2 output reduction has become an important social issue and is of great importance here at Sterk.